raya? too much to story mory . so this is how it's gonna go, less text, more pictures. enjoy!

gathered; siblings, nieces & nephews. few days before raya.
one fine morning- alya & Tok Ayah

evening, preparation before bukak puasa. we made ayam percik of our own. these are the guys of our house, pretending to be busy i guess haha!

abe dzu has been selected as air nyiur crew

mercun time! Marx Ming has been selected to be a Pelita Guy. he was responsible to lit up all the pelita. (& all the mercun bahaya tahap dewa too!)
below is the picture of my nieces & nephews and my neighbours' kids yang susah gile nak jaga hehehhehe

oh, there she goes~ my farah amani; wearing her elmo shirt.

"hello elmo!"

"dik, maggi goreng satu!"

dont get them wrong. ignore the expression & position haha! they are just trying to have some fun.

overall view of kawasan-main-mercun

selamat hari raya!!
1st day of raya. farah spoiled the picture..but i think i like it more this way

farah and her papa & her pregger momma - makan k.ifa makan selagi tak kena pantang nih!

BiWe & his Adam. i prefer calling him Adam Sayuki since his face is soo...er...sayu?

again; farah & papa

pinjam anak. kak ifa & sayuki

here are the grown-up 'ladies'.

kak iza & her daughter - kak ati. the eldest grandchild of 151-A

sexiest kid alive - aida safiyyah

Tok Ma & sayuki (again, sayuki is the most popular 'object')

yaaa~kojah the detective! and her ayah; far at the back.

alya & her Ayah Su

Marx Ming & Alya. u look soo cacat la mat ming with ur new hair tu..

izhar & Tok Ayah

eles Jat, duit raya Cik Su lagi banyak la Jat! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH tapi dun ever dream i'll give u even a buck!

sayuki & his Ibu

Aida trying to act cute by korek idung, but no-no, wont put it here- sooo disgusting!

Farah & Cik Ngah. the number one enemy!

farah is greeting our guests at the entrance with her not-so-lovely smile. oh, see that pink pocket with mobile fon in it? that's my apron. hahah been wearing it one whole day. the only reason i wore it because i can put my camera & handphone (& not to forget- duit raya!) inside; it was very practical!

oh, fie! what r u doing? gedik yet menawan hahaha!

our newly-trained servant doing her job.

seksey tu servant kami, nampak pusat!

2nd day of raya. went to Tumpat. rumah Tok We.
Tok We, BiWe & Abe Dzu at verandah

Tok We

Aida was so excited being here.
"ayah, bird! bird!"
"bukan bird la Aida, chicken."

3rd day of Raya. going nowhere.
the weather is extremely hot (applied only for farah), so no shirts for her.
farah memang x reti senyum! siap ade bubur nasik plak lekat tu, aih~

farah & her favourite aunty haha!

4th day of Raya. yey! welcome to the family, boy!
kak ifa delivered her 2nd baby at 12.10pm, HUSM.
us, waiting for the nurse to open the door. semua orang tak sabar nk tengok baby baru!

farah watching her new enemy.heheh tak la.. harap-harap diorang kamceng sampai ke tua!

so, that's the story. 5th day of Raya already headed to KL.

oh, last one. nah!

he he hehr..


alqil said...

farah...maggi goreng satu...hahahaha...terhibur plak tgk pic2 raye nie~

ila ni said...

maggi goreng order x siap2, kena tengking lagi ade la haih~

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