i'm done with all those hardcore super duper burdening final project- yey!

Done both printing and model by 8.15am, rushed back to K11, had a quick bath, picked a baju kurung (since i only have jeans) and went back to FRSB to pin up the drawings. Gambled. No interior perspectives, 'grayscale-plan' and the not-so-detail sections. Given warning by Miss Sofi for late pin up, deduct 20 marks. (iyo lah tu..)........ (eh berdebar jugak weh)

Oh, was listed under group 5, Mr. Sarizal & Mr. John Burlock. And alhamdulillah they loved my design scheme bla bla bla. BUT as i predict, lack of drawings that can speak out my design. This is the first time i REALLY use my model, and i'd sketch on the spot, just like a pro when he asked how my promenade look like, wah! Mr. Burlock sangat sempoi, yey!

Oh, thnx to Wak for dropping by, and kerry for a short discussion last week. and of course million thnx to Mohd Hassan Sukiman who successfully built up my 3D which i use it lavishly for my ELEVATIONSSSS, perspectives, sections, design progress etc. thank you very much to ALL friends, and to to forget, inot who always & never gave up on waking me up from my nap. (nap lah sangat)

Photos of happy momentoss will be upload later on...if i still have internet connection +_+

ok bye, need to have some rest. (rest is equal facebooking - julalita loccos!!)

chupp!: E'eh, berbahasa Inggeris pula. Kesan presentation tadi ke weh? Dah lama tak present guna BI, hamekk external assessor mat salleh.

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