I always love gardening. And gardenia too. Gardenia kismis yang paling digemari.

Ok, I love gardening. Inherited from my parents I must say. Our small humble abode used to be full of flowers and fruit trees. The wall was planted with some kind of vine which needed to be trimmed for about once a month. I seriously fond of the look that it made to that particular wall. It looked erm.. vintage?

obviously; it's not our house M.D

As time passes by, my father is growing older. He’s not Benjamin Button. So, the vine was not appropriately taken care of. They were running out of shape. Then, he decided to chop it off. And the wall left bare skinned. Days after, the number of plants growing in our garden decreasing. Keje si ayah le.. Katanya baik dia buang pokok tu awal-awal sebab kalau dia dah start sakit dan meninggal dunia nanti (naduzubillah. panjangkan umur beliau Ya Allah), dah takde sape nak jaga pokok-pokok tersebut. Kiranya ni plan awal beliau. Huu sayu. Happy Father's Day, ayoh!

Ok, ok finish it off quickly!

What i'm trying to say is that, if ever one day I’ll be having my own residence; be it a bungalow or condo, I am going to plant trees shrubs or anything green because I just love the idea of gardening. Plants can reduce stress, remember? Hehehe, my final project punye intention. And yes u’re right. It is also, the least I can do to fight the global warming! Panas lah weh takde pokok. Tapi… kan takut ulat dan cacing?

Okeh, hidroponik.

*sebenarnya duk tengah browse Beatrix Potter's website. Tertengok bahagian gardening tips. Niat asal nak tengok gambar si peter tu je. Sila lawati Peter rebit yang tengah berkebun di sini. SINI

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