denoting the _ _ 0th entry, just let me do something auspicious for the internet community yep yep. heh bukan apa pun, ini sekadar perkongsian mengenai International English Speaking Test System from A to Z.


1. First and foremost, download the IELTS form and regulations from internet (click to download) and print. Or, u may get them from any IELTS centres. As for Lembah Klang valley, there are IDP Australia in Ampang and Subang. Check your nearest centre here.

2. You'll need 2 copies of passport-sized photographs.
Check the requirements here or u'll have to take another shot. haa

3. Fill in the form and attach together with the passport photos.

4. Go to any IELTS centre (IDP Australia, British Council) and send in your form. The payment for IELTS is RM 550. Make sure to confirm your test date since the place is limited. Normally, u'll have to book for the test a month earlier.

5. As advised by IDP personnel, this test is no joke. You have to practice no matter how good your English is. To practice, u can choose whether to attend few classes organized by IDP (RM 200 something) or buy a book and do it yourself. For tips and past tests videos, check out YouTube.

6. IELTS is designed to test few skills. Your Speaking skill, Listening skill, Reading skill (more on comprehension) and Writing skill.

a. Speaking Test
need not to worry much. This section will take for about 10 - 15 minutes. Just enter the room and have a chat with the assessor. The topics won't be too heavy. She'll just ask about yourself, your family background, your interest and other general topics, just like in the IELTS practice book.

b. Listening Test
be super-focus as you'll be listening to a record of conversations etc for ONCE only. In the meantime, you have to write the answers on the dot. Alaa.. just like MUET dedolu tu.

c. Reading Test
For me, 1 hour isn't enough to answer all questions as the texts given are all full with jargons and difficult to understand just by one glance. 3 essays, 40 questions. Meaning, you have to spend about 20 minutes for each essay. Time management is VERY VERY important for this section.

d. Writing Test.
If u still remember how to write a summary as u were in Form 5, then everything will be fine. This test have 2 sections; Task A, u will be writing a summary for 150 words and Task B, 250 words, will be any other general topic. I would suggest everyone who'll be taking this test to focus on Task B as it contribute bigger percentage for the whole mark of this Writing Test. U'll be adviced by the test personnel to spend 20 minutes on Task A and 40 minutes on Task B.

7. Done. Wait for about 2 weeks and u may check your result online.

nota lemah semangat:
hah, kao rasa, dengan BI ceni, logik la kan kalau pasni saya kena bayar lagi Rm 550 kan kan. cist.


anOOan said...

kenapa ila nak amik IELTS? nak sambung part 2 kat obesi ek?

ila ni said...

amek sebab abang suruh amek hahah.

cita-cita kena tinggi walau takde kelayakan ;(

en_me said...

gudluck n thanx singgah2 jenguk2 komen2 blog me yg ittewww.. ehehe

ila ni said...

owh terima kasih en_me. benda lawa haruslah drop komen puji2an ;)

theblabber. said...

ive taken this test before. worst grade in writing. bongek kan.

anyways, all the best.

ila ni said...

*masih segan dengan insiden tempoh hari*

erk..kalau theblabber tu pun dapat macam tu utk WRITING, apatah lagi utk orang seperti ini...

baeklah. terima kasih.

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