My submission will be on 7th January which means another 14 more days to go with 2 other assignments due on 31st Dec & 2nd Jan - and another one last day on-site work this Monday. Instead of panicking & do the works, I choose panicking & procrastinating. 

My sleeping schedule has now changed from 3am-7am to 7pm-11pm.
By sleeping at these hours, i can stay up all night & stay focus, knowing that
"everyone must be doing a lot of things while i was sleeping!"
It works, but a sleepyhead will always be a sleepyhead.
I'll get another sleep after Subuh and wake up at 9 or even 11 am.
Malu aih kat budak laki!
And yes, no doubt, i win the title.

Currently. But no coffee pot, no fridge. 
Just groceries, clothes, pillow & comforter.
Once for every 3,4 days, I will be driving home, pick up clean clothes & drive back to studio.

14 days till final. 
Still got no ground floor plan.

These two are the reasons I've been hiding in studio all this while.
Haih. These phenomena occur to all architecture students around the world though.
It's the same torture.
Same degree.

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